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About BinShare
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Having thought about the efficiency of waste management for a number of years, we worked out that it is a bit foolish that we still drive past dozens of empty bins to get to a waste tip. So BinShare evolved as a waste company to connect people with waste to people with bins.

Bin owners pay the same amount to have their bin serviced whether it is empty or full. And waste companies do their best to make sure bins are as empty as possible when they service them. Given that bins are often close to where we need them - where we live, work and shop - using those bins is far more efficient than driving to the tip or having a skip delivered to your business.

BinShare promotes recycling by enabling the community to access bulk recycling bins where you need them. This will fill the recycling bins, increase the volume transported by waste trucks and reduce the cost of recyclable commodities.

BinShare is the result of our efforts to get the best deal for bin owners and waste clients. Our parent company, Fernlawn Environmental Pty Ltd, has a background in waste consulting and brokering and introduced the SmartBin monitoring system to Australia.

In a way it is a matter of fresh eyes on a very old industry.

At BinCompare our mission is to save you time and money.

In a tough business environment we all need to save money where we can.

Waste contracts can be tough to understand with hidden costs and price increases mid contract.

What was a good value service a few years ago may now be costing you far more than it should.

Our experience in the industry means we can see through dodgy contracts and inflated rates to stick up for you and your business

We provide bespoke waste solutions for your business that saves you money and decrease waste to landfill

We provide great rates for recycling, choosing the best option for you, not the waste company.

Send in your contract and we will provide a competing quote on a 30 day contract within a week. Start saving today


BinShare is rapidly developing partnerships with transport companies around Australia to take your waste or recyclables from your home or business to a BinShare bin.

Contact [email protected] for support with transporting your waste.

If you are a waste transport company - big or small, get in touch with us to be a part of making our clients lives that little bit better

The Advantages
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The Advantages of the BinShare Platform

BinShare is simple and makes life that bit easier.

Advantage One

Saves money

Whether you’ve got waste to dispose of or are a bin owner trying to cut your waste costs, BinShare gives you bang for your buck

Advantage Two

Saves time

Need to get rid of waste? Don’t drive to the tip or hire a skip. Find a bin owner near you.

Advantage Three

Saves the world

By connecting bin owners with bin users, BinShare reduces transport time and your carbon footprint.

How does the BinShare platform work

1: Bin Owner lists their bin

Businesses list their commercial bins online offering for sale a portion of their bin space to bin users

2: Bin user finds available bin

Bin users search online for bins in their local area (the specific bin address isn’t revealed until the payment is made)

3: Booking is made and waste left

The booking is made online and the bin user delivers the waste to the bin or asks us to arrange it for them.

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